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Biomass pellet fuel

Our company produces biomass pellet fuel in large quantities all the year round, wood pellet calorific value of 4100-4690 kcal, ash low calorific value of high, 25kg woven bag packaging

1. Nature of raw materials

Wood chips, straw, paper and other different raw materials are different in nature, fiber structure is different, and the degree of difficulty in forming is different. More difficult to press materials such as palm, and another is that if it is a mixed material, the mixing ratio of various ingredients will also affect the molding rate.

2, raw material moisture

The water content of the raw material is a very important index, and the fuel itself needs to add a certain amount of water to fix the molding. If the moisture is too high to make the particles will be very soft, molding unceasingly, control the moisture of raw materials, in order to ensure the finished product effect.

3, particle size

In the process of gasification of biomass, the smaller the size, the higher the gasification efficiency, because when the size changes, the gas generated inside the biomass is more easily diffused to the surface.

4, equipment heating temperature and pressure

Too high or too low temperature and pressure will lead to the failure of molding, but also have an important impact on the density after molding and the effect after molding. The temperature is too low, the input heat is reduced, not enough to make the material forming, but also increase the power consumption of the forming machine, the temperature is too high, it will make the hot gas decomposition of the surface of the forming fuel serious, cracks appear, the strength of the forming fuel decreases, and even cannot be formed.

5, mold compression ratio does not match the characteristics of raw materials

The compression ratio is the ratio of the length of the die to the diameter of the die. After the material is squeezed and rubbed with the mold and press wheel in the production process, its aperture will be larger, and its die hole length will be shorter, so that the quality of Nanyang particle fuel will be reduced.

The compression ratio of abrasive tools provided by the manufacturer to the user is customized according to the commonly used materials. Users can find the appropriate compression ratio according to their own raw materials, which can control the quality of the particles and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

6. Adjustment of the gap between the press wheel and the abrasive tool

Generally, the gap between the press wheel and the grinding tool is controlled at 0.1~0.3mm. The gap is too large and the pressure is not enough to extrude; The gap is too small, the accumulated particle density and smoothness may be, but it will increase the friction of the mold press wheel, reduce the life of the abrasive tool and affect the production of the granulator





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