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Bamboo Plywood 7 Ply Horizontal Carbonized Side Pressed

  • YB-ZDB003

  • Youth Bamboo


Bamboo Plywood

About the product: Bamboo plywood, made of an environment-friendly bamboo is much used by everyone nowadays. It is one of the best substitutes which could be used in the place of traditional hardwood. It is considered to be durable and a strong building material that could be used to build the kitchenware and bathroom cabinets or countertops. The construction of bamboo plywood is done in a very interesting way as several layers of bamboo are placed parallel to each other, which is later converted into the single sheets by the heating process.

Uses of the product: Bamboo plywood has its unique uses as professionals around the world consider the plywood to be much more useful than the typical hardwood. Infact bamboo plywood is used by interior designers around the world and they call it the beautified-alternative to the traditional hardwood. Its uses are:

It is not only used to make the kitchenware or bathroom products but for the airplane wings also which makes the wings material more durable and stable.

It gives a new shape and style to the old and stereotypical belongings.

It provides a unique and stylish look to the musical instruments, elegant designs around the bathtubs, and beautifully engraved cutting boards or plywood boards.

Quality of the product: Its elegant yet beautiful look adds an advantage to the quality of the product. Other qualities are:

Since it is a non-timber forest product, it is sustainable and eco-friendly and could be an alternative for regular plywood.

Bamboo plywood has been proven to be superior in quality than the oak and maple which are highly used hardwood by the people.

The best quality of bamboo plywood provides a valuable excess to carbon dioxide in the air.

Want to buy the product? Over the past few years, the usage and quality of bamboo plywood have increased and are doing well in the markets. People are reaching out to purchase bamboo plywood products to give a stylish look to their houses and also getting aware of using environment-friendly products. There are many such companies or factories are manufacturing bamboo products and selling them online. Among the other factories, Youth Bamboo is providing the best quality bamboo plywood products online at reasonable prices.

In nutshell, besides being an eco-friendly product, bamboo plywood products are chosen over traditional hardwood products. People are buying bamboo plywood boards to give some nice and fancy look to their houses.





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