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Ten Advantage of Bamboo

Ten Advantage of Bamboo

Bamboo has a lot of qualities that make it a great material for eco-promotional items. We have compiled a list of 10 amazing bamboo facts, including the reasons why we love the material.


1.    It’s the Fastest Growing Plant on this Planet

2.    It’s Critical for the Atmosphere

3.    It Can Be a Great Wood Replacement    

4.    It’s A Natural & Lasting Controllable Barrier

5.    It Has a Versatile & Fast Growth Cycle

6.    It Has Proven to be an Essential material For Earthquake Architecture

7.    It is a Renewable Resource for Agroforestry Production

8.    It is an Ancient Medicine

9.    It Plays a Role in the Culture and the Arts

10. It’s a Critical Element of the Economy




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