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Unknown Factors About Incense Stick & Its Uses

Unknown Factors About Incense Stick & Its Uses

Unknown Factors About Incense Stick & Its Uses

The bamboo incense stick in Indiais made up of bamboo. These are popular and made by the people over the stone-age. These are commonly used to make incense sticks and also in various manufacturing furniture products. According to the people, bamboo brings good luck and removes all the negative effects from your home. These are expensive but easy to make, and you can make them at your home. 

Things to determine before making bamboo incense

1.Type of incense

Before making bamboo incense, make sure about its type. Two types of incense are commonly known as non-combustible and combustible incense. These incenses are made up by adding the cone sticks and binding materials. When it comes to non-combustible incense, then it is made up of the incense ingredients themselves.

2.What about the heat

If you are making incense at home, you must follow a process. There is a certain process where you have to heat your incense mixture. Some people use mako or charcoal to heat the mixture, while some others directly pour the mixture into the campfire.

3.Incense cone and sticks

While making incense, you should make sure about the right cone and sticks. You have to grind the ingredients into a fine powder. In this way, the stick and cones of your incense will burn properly. 

4.Bind your cone properly

To bind the cone, you can use gum and tragacanth. Bamboo Toothbrush manufacturers in China use this one because these are combustible and natural. They add Makko according to the humidity or according to the temperature. 

5.Take proper care

While making the cones, you should be more careful. Do not dry it in direct sunlight. They take longer times to dry, so be patient and wait for some time. 


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